East/East-East seeks to initiate an experimental East-arts narrative. The programme is predicated on a belief that this narrative requires a new approach, one which is neither delineated by Western institutions nor remains the sole, privileged domain of Western-focussed curators. 

East/East-East champions a less stressful, more organic domain. This is the playful space carved out by shared geopolitical psychologies, the place where these idiosyncrasies are mapped, celebrated and nurtured. Uninterested in formulating responses to values emanating from galactic museums or art brokers, East/East-East will instead thrive off self-reflexive regional dialogues, using such insularity and rapprochement to find alternative approaches to art from the the geographical East. 

In collaboration with a number of cultural organisations, arts enthusiasts and curators, East/East-East investigate these new narratives with a series of exhibitions and initiatives which began in 2015.