Ghazi Alqudcy

Ghazi Alqudcy holds a Master of Fine Arts in Filmmaking from film.factory, an intensive programme created by the Hungarian film director Béla Tarr. He represents the new generation of Singaporean filmmakers with his films being screened at international film festivals in Netherlands, Denmark, Estonia, Japan, Hong Kong among others. 

In 2014, he produced a feature length omnibus documentary titled Lost in Bosnia, which has been screened in various international film festivals with critical acclaim. CPH:DOX stated that ‘Lost in Bosnia is a collective poem about the very act of filmmaking at a critical, (film-)historical moment in time.’

Currently, the artist is in postproduction of his first directorial debut feature film Temporary Visa, shot entirely in Bosnia Herzegovina.

Ghazi has a keen interest in exploring daily life in Cinema. He enjoys meeting new people to hear what they did for the day. He is deeply interested in mundane daily activities. His espoused motto is, “Buy less t-shirts and make more films!”