Alia Lootah

Alia Zaal Lootah was born and raised in Dubai. Art has been the focus of Alia’s education with a BA in Fine Arts from the College of Fine Arts and Design at the University of Sharjah and an MA in Art History and Museum Studies at Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi. She has recently been accepted as a PhD candidate in Paris VI. 

Alia was a visiting lecturer at the College of Fine Arts and Design in the University of Sharjah in 2012–2013. Her artwork has appeared in exhibitions in the UAE and globally; Bangladesh, Germany, Spain, Venice, New York, Bethlehem and others between 2007 until present. In 2010 she won 2nd Prize at the Bangladesh 14th Asian Art Biennale. She works predominantly with painting and her research investigates the relationship between photography and painting, focusing on the transformation of images from one medium to another. Her work questions concepts of truth, perceptions, dreams, and memories.