Jumairy Avatar.jpeg

Born in Dubai in 1992, Jumairy develops his own research connected to studies in psychology. He uses intense experimentations with sound to produce a range of sensory experiences. Traces more than closed works, his works spread from real space to the internet. The artist infuses his imagery with a dark psychedelia that is expressed through performative acts, scientific experiments and mysterious rituals that happen on stage, the big screen and smartphone apps. The same can be said of his approach to music production, in which Arabic electro-pop is intertwined with sounds à la Marilyn Manson. But Jumairy is not just a teen idol who speaks to the new generation of Emiratis – many of his works are conceived to process traumas, both personal and collective.


Jumairy’s recent exhibitions include, BRZ5, FARE, Milan (2016); A.i.R, Art Dubai, Dubai (2016); Public Privacy, DUCTAC, Dubai (2015). His work has been collected and supported by Barjeel Art Foundation and Maraya Art Centre.