Tawqa Alnaqbi

In transformative metaphoric acts, Tawqa Alnaqbi translates experiences, moments and memories into delicate cyphers vibrantly invested with life. These are acts of remembrance, an effort to savour and record the transient. Each is an attempt to engage with culture, to instigate a dialogue of hand-made things instilled by her emotions and observations about her home.   

Each artwork also meditatively ruminates on the process of making itself; every element of her practice articulates memories. In both materiality and symbolism, she crafts an elegant symphony of synthesis which retains the past while proposing and producing something new. For example, her fibrous hand-crafted papers expose their laborious composition in their raw finishing. The paper itself is the signifier of documentation, the stuff of diaries, notebooks and letters, and hers are constructed from the fibres of her family’s clothes. In this way, as the new object is woven from the past, its very materiality becomes infused with personal identity, memory and experience. Her papers are signifiers of recollection, celebratory creative gestures which reify the past and revel in the act of making.  

Born in Khorfakkan, Taqwa now lives and works in Sharjah city. She completed a BA in Fine Arts at the College and Fine Arts and Design, University of Sharjah. She has exhibited internationally and regionally including in ‘Art Nomad – Made in the Emirates’, Germany 2016; Budapest Art Market, Hungary, 2015; ‘Visions of the Future’, Etihad Modern Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi and as part of the Sheikha Manal Young Artist Award, Dubai.