Ali Al Ameri

Ali Al Ameri is a Jordanian painter and poet of Palestinian origin. Since 2013, he has been the Art Director of Dubai International Art Symposium (DIAS), he is also a pre-eminent cultural commentator as head of the cultural and arts section at Emarat Al Youm, a daily Dubai newspaper. Al Ameri has participated at regional and international poetry festivals and his work has been translated into English, German, Italian, Spanish, French and Macedonian. He has published three poetry books: These are my Intuitions... This is my Vague Hand and White Eclipse and Enchanted Thread. He is a member of the Jordanian Writers’ Association, Arab Writers’ Union, Jordanian Press Association and Dubai Press Club. 

For Al Ameri, writing is more than action; rather, it is a way of living which facilitates and restores an original and uncorrupted human state. The process illuminates and inhabits a space in-between; a half-state where dreaming and wakefulness meet. At that place, reality can be fictionalised, and pre-linguistic and unconditioned recollections of first states can be accessed. Much of Al Ameri's work springs forth from that first, elemental place inhabited by states of love and imagination.

Al Ameri’s poetry activates spaces by illuminating their stories, moving each beyond a physical environment, investigating the shadows of memories. Each space, apparently empty and silent, is brought to life through the signs and elements uncovered in the process of writing.

October 31st – Threads and Mirrors, a poetry reading with Jill Magi