Ismail Al Rifai

Ismail Al Rifai depicts the story of the human being in emotional extremis, with works that are saturated with spiritual abundance – in bitterness and defeat, the existential struggle, in love and war, and in desolate isolation and noise. 

Al Rifai was born in Mayadin, Syria in 1967, and graduated in Fine Arts graduate from the University of Damascus in 1991. He is an accomplished artist and a published writer and poet who has exhibited widely in the Middle East including in Syria, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Egypt, Iran, Tunisia and Morroco. He has participated in numerous biennales and has won awards for his novels, poetry and visual art.

Al-Rifai’s work strives towards a deep listening to the self; depicting his soul and imagination reaching to the furthest edges of human experience. 

November 7th – Spaces of Encounter, a poetry reading with Zeina Hashem Beck