Jason Wee

Jason Wee is an artist and writer whose practice favours polyphony over singular authority. He transforms singular histories and spaces into visual and written materials, paying particular attention to architectures, idealism and unexplored futures.

His latest book The Monsters Between Us was named by TODAY newspaper as one of the top art picks of 2013.

Wee has exhibited internationally, including at Chelsea Art Museum, (New York), Casino Luxembourg (Luxembourg), ifa Galerie (Stuttgart and Berlin), Singapore Art Museum, Singapore Biennale, Valentine Willie (Manila). His residencies include Artspace Sydney, ISEA 2008, Tokyo Wonder Site, Contemporary Art Japan (Tokyo), and Gyeonggi Creation Center in Korea. He is the 2008 Young Artist Award winner for visual arts in Singapore and the 2009 Voters’ Prize winner from the Singapore Art Museum.

He founded and runs Grey Projects, an artists’ space, library and residency that focuses on curatorship, new writing, design propositions and art. He is an editor for Softblow poetry journal and was a 2005-2006 Studio Fellow at the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program. 

October 24th – The Monsters Between Us, the Journeys Without
October 26th – Notions of Home and Belonging, (Un)-Framed by the City