Bab Sharki Studio | Dina Saadi

spray paint, walls, dimensions variable, commissioned by DUCTAC

Dina Saadi draws inspiration for this work from her love of Damascus’ street lamps which illuminated the streets outside her Bab Sharki studio. Dina spent many Ramadan evenings strolling through the narrow, twisting streets of Damascus’ old city under these colourful lanterns, enjoying the patterns and play of light on the cobblestone streets and stuccoed walls. Now for a Dubai audience, she reinterprets her old studio and these Ramadan memories in the workspace, creating a space where people can walk in and enjoy a solitary moment under the lights recreated with glow-in-the-dark paint. As visitors sit and smell the wafting jasmine and listening to the sounds of vendors selling tamr hindi, jallab and other Ramadan food, they will be transported in the moment to Dina’s Damascus during Ramadan. 

About the artist.