Mjadara | Walid Al Wawi

video installation, 2 channels, 12 min, commissioned by DUCTAC



Rules of closed captioning:
1- Every sound cannot be closed captioned.
2- Captioners must decide which sounds are significant.
3- Captioners must rhetorically invent and negotiate the meaning of the text.
4- Captions are interpretations.

In dialogue with the Islamic context of Ramadan and the fragile migration of faith into cultural functionality and regional state law, Mjadara investigates contemporary Middle Eastern identities through the geopolitics of food- in place of the more typically sensationalistic depictions found in the international news media. This piece is comprised of two films synched by audio. In these films, an uneasy narrative is deployed via closed captioning as imagery from the scene in question remains concealed. In place of that visual content, the artist can be seen preparing a traditional Palestinian meal.