Reflections (series of 3) | Salama Nasib

screen-print on archival paper, 54 (w) x 90 (h) cm each (without frame), commissioned by DUCTAC.

Salama Nasib draws inspiration from three essential rituals in her household during Ramadan: gathering and sharing food, devotion in praying and worshipping, and giving charity wherever possible. Thus, her illustrations reinterpret traditional Islamic patterns and shapes in ways that echo these three practices. Salama portrays these rituals through simple line illustrations placed on prayer mats to emphasise the holy month. The remaining patterns are a playful attempt at modernising and simplifying traditional patterns on prayer mats. She also plays with the idea of entrances and entering spaces of worship by exploring the traditional doors of mosques. At the center of this illustration is the hands piece featured in last year’s Ramadanization. Her playful approach to color gives these images the appearance of stained glass. In this way, Salama takes traditional elements that are recognisable across the Muslim world and associated with Ramadan, but recomposes them in new arrangements and in fresh colours to encourage the viewer to see them with new eyes. 

About the artist.