Ramadanization 2016 opens Monday, June 13 | opening reception at 9:30pm, Gallery of Light at DUCTAC. The exhibition will run through July 9, 2016.

Building on last year's social media series which explored artists and designers' personal versus collective memories of Ramadan, this year's exhibition features new commissions wherein artists reflect on their own significant memories and experiences of Ramadan. Against increasing corporatisation of Ramadan, these personal and artistic re-interpretations highlight many common and shared experiences of the holy month by incorporating recognisable elements such as Ramadan musalsalat (Khalid Mezaina), the iftar table (Fatima Albudoor), or being on one's best behavior (Safwan Subzwari).


This exhibition traces the socio-cultural impacts of the concept of Ramadan on the behaviour of contemporary Middle Eastern Muslims while major challenges in identity formulation occur coeval with the rise of ISIS.

Ten commissioned works are showcased not to shake or strengthen the audience’s beliefs but rather to invite people to reflect on the status quo and to continue to interrogate key existential matters with openness and tolerance.

In providing a hypothesis (see Table 1) which represents the day-to-day actions of Muslims in Ramadan, the show questions the preconceptions—internal or external—about the holy month and offers more personal interpretations of the different elements that compose this sacred structure: Ramadan.

Having witnessed the massive commercial media tide associated with Ramadan for over 20 years and how it has gradually shifted viewers’ practices – and probably faith – during this month, Ramadanization artists playfully investigate elements of belonging and disengaging in a rapidly changing Muslim world. 


Muhannad Ali
Arts Centre Manager & Curator